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The Famous youth battle royale game Battlegrounds Mobile India has banned around 1,42,000 players in less than a week for cheating. Krafton, the developer behind the BGMI game, stated that the bans come as a result of the company’s drive to limit illegal programs in the game that result in hacking.

The company declared that it has banned the said account between December 6 to December 12 this year, and published a list with the names of the banned accounts on its website.

Krafton posted on its website on Wednesday, December 15, that it has banned 1,42,766 accounts on Battlegrounds Mobile India for using illegal programs during the first-second week of December.

These accounts have been permanently banned and will not be able to get back in the game. Krafton, in its post, said that it will implement strong sanctions with the ultimate goal of eradicating the use of illegal programs in order to provide a pleasant gaming environment for players.

Battlegrounds Mobile India

Earlier in the previous month, Battlegrounds Mobile India revealed that it has banned over 1,57,000 accounts during the period November 17 to November 23. Krafton sends players a notice if it detects any illegal activity like downloading the game from other sources or having a hack installed.

Recently, Battlegrounds Mobile India announced that it will discontinue the transfer of data from PUBG Mobile for Indian players after December 31. Krafton said that players have till December 31 to import their PUBG Mobile data.

Ever since its launch, BGMI allowed users to transfer their data from PUBG Mobile via Facebook or Twitter logins, as far as players used the same social media accounts.

Last month, the developers disabled the option of allowing users to log in via Facebook using the embedded browser. Now, in order to log in to Battlegrounds Mobile India via Facebook, users will need to have the Facebook app installed on their smartphones as well.

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