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From all the existing bloggers to the upcoming bloggers, everyone’s most preferred tool for making their blog websites is WordPress. But do you know why most of them choose WordPress over other website or blog making tools? So, Today I am going to tell you the top 5 Reasons That Made WordPress The Most Preferred Tool for Bloggers.


Before we begin to know the reasons for its Popularity, you should understand its basics, so let’s go!

What is WordPress?

WordPress is a tool that manages the website of bloggers, you see the blogs on their websites but making those extraordinary designs is not that easy what we see. In order to do everything on the blog website or any website we first need to manage it.

And, to manage it we need some tools, and here comes WordPress in the picture. To do anything from writing to designing WordPress is the one that manages everything for us (the bloggers).

In technical terms, WordPress is a free and open-source content management system written in PHP (a programming language) and paired with a MySQL or MariaDB database. Features include a plugin architecture and a template system, referred to within WordPress as Themes.

Why it is so Famous? Here are the 5 Reasons Why-

1. Usability: It is very Easy to Use

In terms of usage, WordPress becomes very handy and easy to use. For all the beginners it might look a bit difficult at the start but as you spend time on it doing some experiments to learn its components then you will understand how easy to use WordPress is.

Even if you have no knowledge of making a website or a normal blog website, you can learn WordPress easily and start making your own website using WordPress.

You will have your website’s dashboard on which you can literally do anything on your website from adding posts to designing your website you have full control.

Sample WordPress Dashboard
2. Customizable: You can customize everything on your website

If we are making a website then we all want to customize it as per our needs and content, and with WordPress, you can customize your website. You can add your logo to your tagline. You can choose from the existing thousands of themes for your website to make the changes on how it will look. Then you can modify or create new pages from the dashboard and can set up menus for your website.

You will get multi options to customize your website and if you know the programming language it becomes easier to customize your website using CSS. But even if you don’t then also WordPress is so easy to use that everyone can customize it using its options.

3. Plugins makes the work automated and easier

Plugins are small tools that are used to enhance your website and add automation to your work. In WordPress, by default we have some plugins which comes with every theme, if you wish to show social share buttons below your posts you can do so by adding plugins.

If you wish to have the post like/ view counter, again we have plugins there. For boosting the site speed, for your website’s SEO, for adding the author’s details, and for many more things we have plugins in WordPress. These plugins can be added to your website with a single click.

Sample WordPress Plugins
4. Easy to Monetize and make money out of your website

The biggest thing is it make our website easy to monetize and display ads by giving us full control over which type of ads we can show on our website or blog and also we can decide where we wish to display the ads, unlike some other website builders which restrict you to users as per there requirements.

You can also create your own custom courses to sell or if you want to build an eCommerce store or a digital store you can easily do that with the help of WordPress and it will make everything easier.

5. Compatibility and Integration

WordPress is the best and easy in terms of integrating your website with external third-party services like any payment gateway providers like PayPal, RazorPay, PayU, Stripe, etc.

Your WordPress website is also compatible with the shipping services like ShipRocket and others. Also, you can integrate it with services like dropshipping partners or custom-made/ print T-shirt business providers.

And the compatibility is just everywhere including Shopify. You will mind many more usage for the integration depending on your needs.

These are not the only reasons but it was just a glimpse of those and there are many more things that make WordPress so demandable and preferred for everyone.

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