6 Ways to Impress Someone on Instagram

How can you impress someone on Instagram? First, don’t use boring captions that simply say what you ate or what you did today. Try to be funny or interesting with your captions, and use emojis to catch their attention. Second, try to use filters that will make your pictures stand out among all the other pictures on Instagram.

There are plenty of filters to choose from, so experiment with them until you find the one that works best for your picture! Third, add hashtags that match the content of your picture to get more views and engagement from people who love the same things as you do. And here are some more effective ways to impress someone on Instagram check out these amazing ways.

1) Display Your Personality

When you first start using social media, you might feel like you have to be someone else: maybe more outgoing or just a different version of yourself. But what makes it work is your personality and how comfortable with yourself and confident in your own skin you are. If you’re looking for a way to impress someone on social media, just be yourself.

Display your interests through well-taken photos that show off who you are as a person instead of trying to appeal to one segment of people or another. You’ll not only attract more followers, but also build credibility and authenticity—two things every successful brand has in common.

When posting a photo, your first instinct might be to try and fit in with what’s trending. But keep in mind that you don’t want all of your photos looking like they were taken by a team of photographers. Instead, pick one special moment or place as inspiration for your next post and then build off that idea.

Your follower count will appreciate it, and so will your crush! When choosing who should feature in your posts, there are two ways to go about it: First, you can do friendly follow-back promotions that ask people who follow both you and another account—typically yours—to also follow each other.

The second way is simply choosing people based on their influence level or how much attention they get from others (you can determine influence levels through various tools).

These are sometimes called follow-for-follow promotions. Whichever method you choose, make sure there is a clear benefit for both parties: You both increase followers because you mutually gain likes and comments.

2) Choose The Right Filter

It’s pretty well-documented that there’s a filter for every mood. Every last one of us likes having a go-to filter when we post our own photos, and some people (like me) are highly specific about which one is best for any given picture. But what about when you’re trying to impress someone? Which filter is right for that? Well, it depends who you’re trying to impress !

Do they tend to be low key with their filters? Or do they like lots of effects and crazy fonts? Figuring out your crush’s filter preference can help improve your chances in getting more likes as well as making them more likely to respond to your DM.

Although, really, why would you need tips on how to impress someone by sending them a direct message?? That just seems so weird… I don’t even want to think about that! What does impressing a person over social media have anything at all in common with real life??? Anyway…get back to work already!!!

And remember: Choose Your Filter WiselyTM!

There’s actually a little more science behind which filter will get you more likes. In fact, different filters evoke different emotions in us. A study done by scientists at Stanford University found that people who used informational and incidental filters – i.e., filters that promote factual content or help with memory retrieval – were found to be perceived as more trustworthy than those who used creative and artistic filters.

More importantly for your purposes: when it comes to whether a person seems attractive or not, it was determined that using a creative filter such as Valencia or Lo-Fi gives off vibes of uniqueness, youthfulness and artistic ability…which are all things that people find attractive in others.

3) Join Groups That Inspire You

Set yourself up for success by following accounts that are related to your target audience. By following these kinds of accounts, you’ll be exposed to more like-minded individuals and have better conversations with potential followers. If you’re interested in fitness, follow #fitnessaccounts; if you’re into music, follow music accounts.

Remember: A lot of social media users will scroll through their feed a couple times a day and like or comment on content they enjoy—make sure they see yours! The more you show them that it is worth their time and effort, the easier it will be for them to want to pay attention to what you do.

We’re inundated with social media accounts every day—so much so that it can be hard to keep up. On top of your own feed, you have mutual connections with old friends and coworkers; you follow brands you admire; and you’re probably even part of a few niche communities yourself. With so many accounts vying for our attention, how do we know which ones are worth taking a moment away from ours?

Every individual is different. Some people like to keep their accounts private, while others love sharing their lives with everyone they know. Finding a group that inspires you and fits your interests will not only make you feel more inspired, but it’ll also help create a more authentic social presence—which will impress people!

They’ll be able to see that you’re not just posting for likes; rather, you actually care about what it is that you’re posting. This creates trust between you and other users and makes them more likely to engage with your posts as well as recommend your page (and content) to friends.

If you do decide, though, that an account should be all about business, think twice before creating one solely dedicated to posting promotional content.

4) Comment, Like, and Follow

If you’re wondering how to impress someone on Instagram, or if you just want them to notice you, start by commenting on their content. When they see that you care enough about their work and time, they’ll more likely take notice of your own efforts.

If you still don’t get a response, try following them and then liking one of their recent posts. Even more eye-catching is liking something you already commented on. Then wait for a follow back!

If you want to go one step further, you can try sending them a direct message. To do so, click on their username and hit send message from their profile page. This is great for building rapport and showing your appreciation for their work. Just make sure your message is personal, but not overly so.

You don’t want it to come off as creepy or stalker-like. And don’t be afraid of getting a no! They might just be busy, or maybe they aren’t interested in having followers right now—or ever—and that’s okay! You can still follow their work if they have a public account by viewing it in feed form rather than going directly to their profile page every time.

5) Use Hashtags

If you’re looking for tips on how to impress someone on Instagram, your best bet is tagging them in a post. Not only will they see it and perhaps like or comment on it, but their friends might too. If you want your crush to think you’re cute and interesting (which would be weird if they don’t), #include an appealing hashtag that makes it easy for them to find you and fall in love with your feed.

If you really want to get their attention, have a friend tag them and tag yourself as well – that way, when they see themselves tagged, they’ll be inclined check out what other people are saying about them and hopefully give some of those comments a read.

You can also use Instagram’s built-in social sharing features to get their attention. First, find a photo of yours that you think they’d love and tap share then add via share sheet. Here, you should see your contact’s username in a list of suggested accounts – if they don’t appear here and you know their email address or phone number, you can manually enter them instead by tapping add someone else.

Alternatively, you can post a story as well if it seems like something extra special might be worth highlighting for them – remember that if you want them to see it, your story has to be public so they can view it in their newsfeed!

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6) Show Off A Few Of Your Talents

We’ve all gotten an impressive IG story from someone else and thought, Man, I wish I could do that. It might seem intimidating but once you realize how straightforward it is to upload video or photo slideshows (as opposed to single photos), you can see why so many people take advantage of it—it’s a great way to show off a few of your talents in one go.

And if you want your crush to know just how good at DJing or acro-yoga or writing poetry you are, use your skills wisely: post directly in their comments section with a quick hello before they unfollow/like/block. Odds are they’ll click through.

If you’re not sure where to start, don’t stress! Here are a few ideas for unique videos that can serve as a platform for showing off your talents.

(1) First up, acro-yoga.

Yes, it’s that cool cross between acrobatics and yoga, and yes—it’s an art form that really should be shared with anyone who would appreciate it. Videos have proven to be popular so definitely consider shooting one of you or your squad doing your thing in midair. It may not seem like a traditional talent but when your crush clicks play they’ll most likely be impressed by what they see.

(2) A great way to get a few wow reactions is to follow Taylor Swift and Julia Roberts’ lead:

Start sharing live videos on IG stories! Like every other social media platform, there are plenty of fun ways to use IG stories for more than just selfies & status updates; live videos are no exception. Go ahead and share a behind-the-scenes video from a party or movie premiere before swiping left for good ol’ home feed content. You’ll certainly impress your crush while exposing them to something they might not have otherwise noticed.

(3) While photo slideshows can take some finesse,

They’re also one of those things that look so much harder than they actually are. Yes—if you want it done well you’ll want to invest in an expensive DSLR camera but trust us when we say that’s hardly necessary: even phones will do if you know what settings to turn on first! If nothing else, consider shooting a simple slideshow with filters applied through your phone camera then simply uploading it using IG’s mobile app.

You might not impress your crush as much as these bloggers did, but at least you’ll show them something different instead of yet another ho-hum selfie. Whatever you choose to shoot for your slideshow, pick something cool and engaging instead of yet another group shot; after all, showing off who you really are is way more impressive than over-filtered pics from last weekend’s party.

(4) With all that said, videos and photos aren’t always practical or desired by everyone on social media. Some people prefer text over visuals because images can be distracting or hard to see depending on connection speed.


Everything you need to know about impressing someone on social media. These tips will help guide you through getting started and looking professional! If you have any questions, please feel free to leave them in a comment below. Good luck!

To impress someone on DMs, you have to think like them. While not everyone has a standard approach for DMs, most people can tell if you’re trying too hard or playing it safe. Finding a balance and keeping things interesting is key. Keep your message short, sweet and simple without going overboard. Humor always helps!

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