Best Instagram Story Ideas to Impress your crush on Instagram-

Are you are trying to impress a girl or a boy on Instagram or thinking to impress your crush on Instagram? If yes, then Instagram has a few tips and tricks which will help you to impress your crush on Instagram. Today, I will talk about the best Instagram story ideas that will make anyone like your Instagram profile, and also help you to increase followers on Instagram for free.

Instagram is an online social media platform where we can connect with people around the globe and youngsters are the heaviest users of Instagram. Instagram allows people to follow each other and also allows them to communicate with everyone. With the ease of sliding into DM to anyone, it also allows you to message your crush or anyone you like. But if you are a noob on how to impress someone on Instagram DM then you need to learn if first.

I don’t think you wish to seem like a creep in the very first impression and that might result in you going to that person’s block list. One of the best tools of Instagram is an Instagram story which allows you to engage with your followers. If you play your cards right then you can also use Instagram stories to impress a girl.

To your knowledge, Instagram has currently more than 500 million active users using Instagram stories daily around the globe. If you use Instagram you might also see stories on Instagram of the people you follow. Instagram stories could be used to impress your crush on Instagram. And today we have brought you some ideas on what you can share on Instagram that will help you to impress your crush or best story for Instagram to impress a girl on Instagram.

Post stories frequently to impress your crush on Instagram

Instagram stories are made so that you can post anytime the moments you are enjoying or living. One of the best tips is to be active on Instagram daily that will not only help you to gain more followers on Instagram for free but also it will help you to make your followers aware that you are active on Instagram including your crush.

When you post a story very few times, it doesn’t make any sense as people will not know when you will post it next, and also there will be no joy in seeing random stories. So, always stick to a schedule while posting Instagram stories.

The more number of stories will maximize the chances of your crush seeing your stories more frequently and eventually they will start thinking about you if your stories are good enough.


Post stories that contain questions around your crush to Impress your crush

Studies have proven that when someone asks you questions on social media, you are more prompt in sharing the answers. So, it is a better way to collect information about your crush online if you do not have much already.

Instagram stories allow you to post questions in form of stories on which you can then have either multiple choice answers or normal ‘ask a question’ type of stories.

You can work around different questions like

  • what is your favoirite color that nobody know as of today?
  • what are you scared of?
  • how does your best day feels like?
  • your petname in school?

Similarly, you can think of as many questions you like to ask. And if the questions are interesting your crush is really gonna reply. And that will enlight the spark that we need.

Always remember not to post any random story that he/ she may not like

We tend to like stories on Instagram that are emotionally connected with us and sometimes random things just annoy us, so it is always advised not to post anything randomly. Do not post anything in that case if you do not have anything to share.

Once you share a story on Instagram it is available to view by all of your followers and you might not like when that story does not go well.

The idea is to post something interesting that will attract your followers and which will bring more curiosity in people so that they watch your next story.

So, as discussed in the last step, when you collect answers from people you can display the funniest or weirdest answers on your next story which will also bring excitement to people watching your stories. And your crush will also see that which will increase your chance of being noticed. This is an important part for best story for instagram to impress a girl.

Post Stories of your skills you might have learnt newly to Impress your crush

Many people have started learning new skills like sketching, cooking, singing, magic or anything you feel interesting. Try to post such stories which will bring attention to your crush and also will make them think you are more than what they think.

Showcasing your skills on Instagram stories not only brings attention but also gives your followers a wider experience of your learnings.

When you cook something new you can post that and add a question for example “Do you like this new recipe?” or you can try like “Have you ever tasted this?” or you might try “what do you call this in your place?”

Stories with ‘call to action’ like polls, questions etc., are more tend to get more replies than the blank stories containing only photos.

There are many Instagram story designing tools and you can also use any of them. Canva is one of the best Instagram post and story designing tools that you can use. Canva will surely help you in making the best story for instagram to impress a girl.

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Share stories based on the interests of your crush

As we already discussed, you can collect information like what does your crush likes dislikes. And by those details, you can start making stories around those ideas or topics. This will tend them to respond to your story as it connects them emotionally.

You can find the images to use in your stories from google, pexels, Pinterest etc. Sharing the stories in the context of the person you like develops an interest in their will also. Psychology says the more someone will think of you can be done via reminding them. And personalized stories are the best way of attracting someone.

Let us assume your crush likes red velvet cake and you post a story of red velvet cake and add a question “How would you feel if someone makes this cake for you instead of buying it?”

This story is very personalized and will connect with their emotions and most likely they will surely reply to your story and they will also get in mind that someone is interested in them or someone is like them.

Post stories which you crush has posted but not too often

You can also post stories that your crush has posted and you can reuse them but to some extent otherwise, you may sound like a creep copying their stories.

But if you do it very little and also add some of your creativity in those stories so they will surely notice you.

Share traveling stories with polls

We all love traveling to different places and we always think of going to somewhere and this virtual form of traveling is a great idea to engage your followers.

Try to post stories of mountains, hiking, camping, road drives, snowy places etc., and add polls to such stories to know what place your crush likes to visit or travel to. And then you can slowly decide to post related content which they will like.

Impress your crush on Instagram

Try Posting your childhood photos

People tend to react to childhood photos of grown-ups and so do will your crush. So try to post your childhood memories.

Also, remember that do not simply post the photos, instead add some call to action like a poll or questions which maximizes the chances of response from the people you like.


The main goal of using Instagram stories is to reach most of the people in the world and to increase your growth. You can also use this feature to impress your crush on Instagram, your friends, and your family. But the main this is to be yourself and do not fake anything and do not do anything over.

I know youngsters tend to like each other and try to impress people which is not bad but anything extra is also not good. So you these ideas to help yourself and you will get some positive outcomes if you use these ideas wisely.

I hope you now have a good understanding and idea on how to impress your crush on Instagram, how to impress people on the Instagram story, how to gain attention on Instagram, how to increase followers for free on Instagram. These all help you to grow your followers on Instagram.

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