Do You Want To Check If Your Passwords Were Hacked - Use Google Chrome To Know This

Are you scared of losing access to important accounts due to hackers? In the current world of digital ecosystems, it’s always smart to keep track of your account access and passwords to keep yourself safe while browsing through the Internet.

Do not worry, now you can find out if your account credentials or passwords have been compromised just by using Google Chrome Password Checker.

You can check if the passwords of your social accounts (Twitter, Facebook, Google, and various bank accounts) have been hacked or compromised, the Google Chrome Password Checker is your best tool! Just make sure you have the latest version of Google Chrome installed (96 and above) on your device.


How this works?

For Google Chrome Password Checker to work, your concerned accounts’ passwords need to be synced with Google. If you suspect or doubt any data breaches or unauthorized activity on one of your accounts, just simply follow the steps below:

1. Go to “Settings” by clicking the three dots in the top right corner.
2. Click on “Autofill” >> “Passwords” >> “Checked Passwords”

Now, Google will run a scan to ascertain whether you have any weak or compromised passwords, based on which it will advise you on the next steps. 

In the age of the digital world, it’s ideal to have very strong passwords for your various accounts. And never use the same password for two different accounts. Always create different passwords for multiple accounts, I know this is a bit harder but trust me it is worth it when one of your passwords is hacked, if it is the same for all, all your account will give access to the hacker. But if it is different it could save your other accounts from being hacked.

An advice on generating the passwords:

A robust password has alphabets, numbers, and special characters like *, @, #, !, %, ^, &, or $. Make sure your password contains atleast one of these.

Always use a combination of numbers, alphabets, and special characters.

Always refrain from making basic passwords like “Abcdef” or “12345678” or “00000000” which are among the most used passwords in India along with the word “password” itself.

While this Google feature may be helpful, we suggest changing your passwords every few months and changing them the minute you suspect unauthorized activity.

Password Cracking

I hope you will find this helpful, and please do share it with the ones who use very weak passwords and help them understand why strong passwords are necessary. Till then explore and keep reading

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