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Do you know you can earn some passive income by selling your unused internet? Yes, you heard it right, you can earn money with your unused internet by selling it to these companies and earn money in dollars.

Today almost everyone uses wifi for the internet and most of the internet plans come with unlimited data and each month you are wasting a chance to make some decent money with that unused internet if you are not following these tips. Who doesn’t love free cash, and selling your internet for cash is worth it.

These companies pay you for the data that they use and you get a passive income from that. So without wasting much time let’s dive into the ocean of the details of these apps so that you can start making some good money each month.

List of apps that help you Earn Money By Selling Your Unused Internet:


Earn Money

Honeygain is an app that you need to download directly from their website. It is not available on the play store or AppStore.

With a global user base and the ability to be run on windows and android devices, iOS devices. Honeygain appears pretty attractive at first glance.

After all, most software that allows you to sell bandwidth does not work on mobile devices. But this app does work.

However, You can only cash out the funds once you reach the minimum threshold of $20 via PayPal, and they only pay $1USD/10GB of bandwidth used.

The earnings depend on how many devices you add to your account as Honeygain allows you to add up to 10 different devices and the more number of devices will result in more earnings.


Also, Honeygain will give you a $5 bonus if you download from here.

Not only PayPal cashouts, but Honeygain also provides you cashout via cryptocurrency.



Privatix is the second way to sell your unused internet bandwidth for money, although Privatix offers cashouts in crypto.

With Privatix, “any user can sell his spare or idle Internet broadband to the Network and get paid for it instantly with crypto. The payments come from buyers, who purchase the bandwidth via third-party applications or directly.”


You can use Privatix software on Windows, macOS, Linux, etc, almost on any platform and this software is free of cost.

Most of the consumers in Privatix’s network are VPN providers and CDNs from what I gather, and Privatix is trying to make a secure Ethereum token-based network where this bandwidth can be exchanged.

Privatix offers users PRIX tokens for participating in their blockchain, although their software is still developing and how much you can earn seems to vary quite greatly from what we have learned.

Presently, the cost of one PRIX token is worth roughly $1.48 USD.



Nanowire is another great option to use and this platform also buys your data to give you some extra income.

Nanowire offers you to earn Nano, whenever you sell your data, a cryptocurrency that focuses on being fee-free, eco-friendly, and easily transferable.

In order to earn money, you will need to install the Nanowire desktop application to start selling. This app will work in the background whenever you use your computer.

Now let us see how much you can make with nanowire.

According to Nanowire, you earn $5 for every 10GB of data you sell; which is much better than apps like Honeygain.


As per Nanowire, “You should be aware that sharing your internet connection comes with risks as some jurisdictions may hold you responsible for what others do on your internet connection.”

This definitely isn’t a vote of confidence for how secure/safe this platform is, but if you need to make money with these apps these are really a great way to do it.



The Mysterium Network provides another opportunity to sell your bandwidth for cryptocurrency, and the concept is quite similar to Privatix.

Mysterium behaves as a ‘decentralized VPN service,’ with a focus on user privacy/anonymity and end-to-end encryption.

The Mysterium Network is currently operating a node pilot project that is functional on Windows, Mac, and Raspberry Pi, which is pretty awesome.

Once you are part of the network, you can rent out your bandwidth for Ethereum. As with Privatix, how much you earn really depends on your upload speed and a variety of other factors (I believe your location might play into it as VPN traffic probably prefers U.S. IPs for many tasks over other countries).



FluidStack is another good option in the bandwidth buying industry, and they operate as a CDN to broadcast content to users from nearby networks to increase page load times and overall user experience.

Once you register with them and install their software on your computer, they will detect when your computer is idle and use your bandwidth/CPU to serve content.

The whole idea that FluidStack uses your CPU instead of GPU helps limit power consumption, and the purpose of this platform is to only use your computer when it’s idle and to limit how much power you end up using.

In general, here is how its bandwidth speed to payout ratio works:

  • >10MB/s upload speed – $5/month
  • Faster speeds – $10 per 100MB/s
  • 200 MB/s upload speed – $20/month

On their website, FluidStack states that you’re basically guaranteed to earn between $5-$50/month with their software based on your internet speed.

Keep in mind, this is per IP address, so more numbers of IP addresses contribute to more revenue.

How Much Money Can You Make With These Apps?

Well, the answer to this question depends on the place of your residence. If you live in a location where your IP address and bandwidth are in demand like the United States or parts of Europe, you might be able to make $5 to $50 per month by selling your internet bandwidth.

However, for many regions of the world, this isn’t a very viable side hustle idea.

Disclaimer and Risks in selling your data to Earn Money

When you sell your bandwidth to third parties, it always fetches some risks that you should be aware of. However, selling Bandwidth is not something you should do without thought.

Depending on your place of residence and what internet service provider you use, you might have more stringent regulations surrounding what your IP address is used for.

While, Companies like FluidStack have stated that they don’t access your personal data or files and that they even block users from going to malicious/harmful websites, but this is still a risk you have to factor in while selling your data.

By using these applications you have no control over what the users can do with your IP address.

But again based on your risk factors and regulations you can still get benefits out of these applications. You won’t get rich by selling your internet bandwidth, but if you are comfortable with the process and you do your due diligence, you can probably earn a few hundred bucks a year if you have fast upload speed.

Few other apps which you can use to make earn money online:


FusionCash will pay you $5 just for signing up for the app. This includes you registering and sharing your details like your email address, name, etc, and submitting a small survey. This application is only available to United States residents.

They also pay bonus credits for participation in surveys and sign-up offers, as well as forum posting, Twitter follows payment pictures, profile completion, and referral bonuses. The amount of credits, and what they can be redeemed for, varies by the offer, ranging from $0.05 to $5 each. You can be paid by check, bank deposit, or PayPal.

Killi by Freckle IoT

Killi by Freckle IoT enables you to opt-in and select specific types of personal information to share with brands in exchange for money. It works on a series of survey questions, such as are you planning to buy a car, how many cups of coffee you drink a day, or when shopping online, what’s more important: shipping or price?

You’ll earn money for each survey you answer, which is paid by the buyer of your data.

The money you earn is stored on the app until you redeem it for cash. You can cash out once you have at least $5 accumulated, using an Amazon gift card. Or you can store up to $10 using PayPal.

Screenwise Panel

Screenwise Panel, a.k.a. Cross Media Panel/Google Opinion Rewards, is an invite-only program sponsored by Google. It’s a partnership with GfK and, not all that surprisingly, requires you to install the Google Chrome browser.

Then, you install a browser extension on each computer or laptop in your household. You can install a mobile meter on any smartphone device.

After seven days, you’ll get $8. If you remain a member, you receive an additional $2 per week. That will give you the ability to earn just over $100 per year, just for having your browsing history tracked by the app.

Panel App

Panel App allows you to earn prizes, rewards, and sweepstakes, just for going about your usual online activity. It’s a little distinct in that it is more about tracking your location than about your user activity.

But you can also earn bonus points by completing surveys, connecting your social networks, and referring your friends. The website, which is fairly simple, doesn’t say what the points can be redeemed for, so you’ll be taking a bit of a leap with this one.

Smart Panel

Smart Panel can be installed on any registered device, then you can take surveys to earn rewards. You’ll get $5 just for qualifying for participation, then an additional $5 every 30 days your devices stay connected. They also offer monthly giveaways and loyalty bonuses every three months.

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