How to choose a good domain name for your blog

A good domain name is the first must thing for any blog website. Your domain is the address by which your readers will visit your blog. Your domain name tells viewers about the kind of content you are giving them. Now, choosing a good domain can be a tricky thing! but don’t worry we are here to help you with choosing a good domain name for your blogs.

A good website is remembered once, but a good and unique domain is remembered always and viewers are attracted to visit the domain again and again by the good content. So the importance of a good domain is the same as the importance of the content of your website.

Why a domain name is important?

Your domain is very important for your business because it represents the whole idea of your business or your website or your blog. When viewers come to your website all they remember is your domain, how unique it is, how catchy it is, how easy to remember it is because they need to enter your domain name in the URL bar to visit your website again.

A domain name makes the website or blog impressive and generates traffic from the internet. There are many kinds of domains with different extensions like:

.com, .in, .net, .org, .co, .xyz, .online, .today, etc.

The .com domain is always considered as a Top-Level Domain also known as TLD and is always considered a premium domain as it attracts global traffic (traffic from all countries) and this reason makes the domain a bit costlier than the other kind of domain extensions.

However, you can use other domain extensions as it depends completely on your business type and region of the business. Most of the government websites use a .org domain extension.

“Your domain is the name which your audience uses to reach out to your business, you should make it unique and remarkable to make it rememerable for your targeted audience .”

Where to buy a domain name?

All the domains need to be purchased before you can use them. There are many domain name providers from where you can buy a perfect domain name for your blog website. The pricing may vary from provider to provider. Any domain when you purchase needs to be registered for a minimum of 12 months, and the providers will charge you the price for 12 months upfront at the time of domain registration.

Here is the list of some domain name providers from where you can buy the genuine and premium domains:


These providers are widely used for purchasing domains. And you get good customer service with your domain.

How to choose a domain name?

Always remember, your domain name is the identity of your blog or business, so it should be :

  1. unique
  2. memorable
  3. for a targeted audience
  4. made using keywords
  5. not containing numbers and hyphens

Things to know before buying a domain name

Before buying a domain and paying your hard-earned money, there are some important things to know. Your domain name selection is a one-time and irreversible process, so if you made a payment and selected a domain, you can not change its name once it is registered (purchased) so if later you think you can change its name after purchasing then you just can’t change.

So it becomes very important to note these things before making a purchase:

  • Choose your name wisely as it represents your business or website,
  • Take some time to do keyword analysis before selecting a domain name to know how much people look for something related to it,
  • Write down at least 10 domain name for your website on a paper and search them on google to check how many of them are already there,
  • Always choose a domain that is not there on google as it will help us to tank #1 on google to get more traffic easily,
  • Don’t go for a domain of more than 3 words, always try to short your domain in 2-3 words and those words should be related to your niche or content.
  • Don’t replicate another domain by taking a similar domain,
  • Check if your domain name is also available on social media platforms to make your business accounts.

Once you do the above research and you come with a domain that fulfills the above criteria then we are good to go!

Just purchase your domain for your business or your blog website to look professional.

Tip: Choosing a powerful and strong domain will impact your business or your blog to grow faster and effectively.

You can start your own blogging journey by choosing the right niche and the right domain name which suits your niche.

Let us know in the comments section about what you think about this post or share your thoughts and ideas on this. And keep exploring TechieEngineer.

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