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Do you want to send a WhatsApp message to someone but at a later time of the day? Here’s the solution to do that. You will now be able to schedule your messages in WhatsApp like you schedule your emails. The solution consists of a third-party app that’s bound to your WhatsApp and then you will be able to schedule the messages.

Learn How You Can Now Schedule Your Messages In Whatsapp

The instant messaging app WhatsApp always keeps on working to roll out new features to improve the messaging experience for its users worldwide. During this digital world and enormous demand can be seen in the schedule messages feature which attracts all of its users. While currently, the app does not have this feature built-in within WhatsApp, but that does not mean that you can not schedule messages in WhatsApp.

The scheduling feature allows users not to forget something important like birthday wishes to loved ones, important work updates, or something which you need to say to someone later. The schedule messages feature gives ease in this busy time and makes the user’s daily chores in communications easy.

We have brought and perfect solutions by which you would be able to schedule your WhatsApp messages, check out how to do it:

Schedule WhatsApp messages on Android Phone

In order to schedule your messages on your android smartphone, you will need to install a third-party app called SKEDit, the app is very simple to use and this app is widely used to schedule messages in WhatsApp. The app interface looks like this:

You can use Skedit to schedule your WhatsApp messages

Once you install SKEDit on your android phone you simply need to register on it and then you can easily select what message you wish to schedule and to whom you wish to send it as per the scheduled time. This app is very handy and easy to use.

Schedule WhatsApp messages on your iPhone

To schedule messages on your iPhone, you don’t need to download any third-party app. You can do this via your iPhone settings directly. Check out the below steps to do it.

You will find an app called “Shortcuts” on your iPhone. We will use this app to schedule your WhatsApp messages. Open this app and

– Tap to the Automation tab.

– Create new personal automation by tapping the plus symbol.

– Choose a time of day when you want your automation to run. Choose a date and time here when you wish to schedule the message.

– Then tap Add Action and type text from the list of actions into the search bar.

– Then, below the text area, tap the Plus icon to search for WhatsApp and add your message that you wish to schedule.

– Choose the recipient, then touch Next, and then Done.

That’s it! Your message has been successfully scheduled! and it will be sent as per your scheduled time.

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