Legit ways to earn money from the Internet!

Earning money from home, and that too online has become a very easy and classy method people are using these days. But still many of us always have a question in our mind and that is “how to earn money online or how to make online money”. There are many apps to earn money and we will discuss them today in this blog.

If you are someone who loves doing something different that can make money online and believe yourself to put efforts to make money online, then you are at the right place. We have shared some real information that can help you earn money from home and the internet.

Based on our research we have made a list of the ways by which you can earn money online:

Check out our ways and look for the best that suits your personality.

Blog writing

Writing a blog is one of the best and oldest ways of earning money from your comfort place. Now, what is blog writing? It requires you to make blogs and articles on what you are good at, what you love doing and sharing with the world. Not only financially but also it helps one to grow in writing, learning SEO, how to write blogs that make money, etc.

All you need to start blogging is a good domain name and good web hosting, then you need to create a blogging website of your own and start writing articles on the content of your own!

You don’t have to worry about the work that generally everyone does at a job, you just need to worry about the content that you are going to share with the world. Blog writing becomes easy for the people who have this passion in themselves to write about something.

If you got some writing skills then you will be doing blog writing very smoothly and even if you don’t have then you will learn the skill along with making some real profit.

Once you started your blog and you post regularly and increase your content, you will soon get a lot of traffic, and once your blogs get enough traffic (readers) then you can apply for Google Adsense.

Google Adsense will run ads on your blog and you will start getting paid for those ads, many people with their blog make anywhere between 100$ – 1000$ per day from their blog. But to reach that level you have to work a lot on the quality of content and on the traffic you get through the content.

The growth is gradual while you are new to blog writing but as soon as you get the tips and tricks to get more traffic with your content, it becomes a piece of cake for you but don’t forget a piece of cake was made using many different ingredients so will be your blog, you need to become the chef to use all the ingredients of your blog in an order that will make it grow financially.

Affiliate Marketing

If you have made your blog or have any website, then the best thing you can add there’s affiliate marketing. All you need to do is do some product reviews and place links to buy that product and whenever someone buys anything from that link you will be given a commission based on it.

Take this example, if your website is receiving 1500 page views per day and you have written a mobile review whose price is Rs.20,000 on your blog or website, and place an affiliate link in your website to buy that mobile. And the commission which the provider is giving to you is 5% and out of those 1500 people, only 1% people actually buys the product from your link, now your revenue for one day will be = [[(20,000) * 5% ] * 15 ] = Rs. 15000

You can signup for an amazon affiliate program and can do affiliate marketing for Amazon.

So, by this, you will be getting around 15k and when only 1% of your viewers are buying the product, and if this number goes up, so will be revenue going up.

Affiliate marketing is used by many bloggers and website owners these days, even if you don’t have any website or blog you can do this affiliate marketing directly from your Instagram. All you need is a good number of followers, and you are good to go.

Social Media Marketing

Do you know that you can make money using your social media,

If you spend 2-3 hours a day on your social media and do not earn money in return then let me tell you, you are letting go of the money on the table.

Always remember your social media can give you more than you think. The only thing you need to understand is how to use it in an effective way to make money out of it.

Social media marketing is the legitimate method of making money from your social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.

You need to make your social media profile a bit professional by simply posting about the things you like or you can do branding of companies like cosmetics, health, education, technology, etc.

Once you have a good number of followers you can approach brands and charge them anywhere between Rs.500 – Rs.50000 per post.

Yes! per post, many people are even earning more than that. You need to learn the social media marketing tactics in order to grow on social media platforms.


Fiverr is a platform where one can work as a freelancer and earn some good money. You can also learn new skills with Fiverr’s learning program.

For earning money from Fiverr all you have to do is create an account on fiverr.com and choose the option of “Become a Seller” and then complete all the required details and you will be asked to create your first gig,

Now, what is a gig? A gig is basically an advertisement of your skill that you will do for the people looking for freelancers like you. You will be telling the details in your gig so that people can hire you for the work they need,

Once you create your first gig, you will need to publish it to make it live to all the Fiverr users. And then people will approach you to get their work done based on your gig. You can post as many gigs per month. Also, the payment is good so you can earn a good with your skills.

In starting it be a little difficult as you are a beginner and have a new account so at that time do not panic, just create gigs more often and you will get the audience right in time. And they will soon start placing the order to get their work done by you.

YouTube Channel

Another free method is to make a youtube channel and start making videos on a niche that you like be it comedy, meme, education, jobs, technology, or anything, and start uploading your videos.

You just need a Gmail account and you are good to go to create your youtube channel.

As long as you keep continuity with posting your content regularly, you will start growing on youtube very soon, and you can monetize your videos to earn money.

Always remember, earning money can never be easy but the way you learn and make money can be easy for you. We are not talking about a few bucks that you can make by simple tricks, we are talking about making real money and that too at least 500$ – 1000$ per month. And earning that much money is not a piece of cake!

But earning through youtube or any other method makes it a whole cake…

I have seen there are some other methods in the market but those methods can’t make you rich or can’t make you earn that much amount which these legit methods of making money can make you earn. But if you are a student or a teenager who doesn’t love to work more and hard, below are some other methods for you;

Online Surveys

You can make some money or can earn free gift cards from brands like Amazon, Flipkart by filling out small surveys daily. I myself have done a lot of surveys and have earned more than 3000 – 4000 bucks per month when I was in college.

There are few websites that really pay you money through Paypal or you can have a free gift card.

Some of them are :

  1. lifepointspanel
  2. valuedopinions
  3. zippy
  4. indiaspeaks

All you need to do is sign up on these websites and you will get an email notification whenever they need you to answer their surveys. It’s a fun method to answer surveys and earn some money very quickly. They pay around Rs.60 – 120 per survey.

Online Tutoring

You can also become an online tutor and teach school kids online. The best thing about this is you can set your own schedule when to teach and when not to, also it is a part-time job so you just need to spend your 2-3 hours a day to make around Rs.8000 – 10000 per month and even more.

You can register on vedantu.com for the same or can search about these jobs online.

You don’t require any degree here, if you are doing graduation then also you can start teaching students and make some money every month.

Answering questions

Yes, even if you answer some questions you will get paid for that too. There are websites that require you to answer the question they ask and you will get paid in return, the payout can be anywhere between Rs. 100 – 200 per question you answer. So, if you are good at a subject like physics, chemistry mathematics, computer science or any other subject you can earn good money.

One of the websites is chegg.com

All you need to do is go to the website and sign up, you will be asked to give a small test to check your knowledge and once you pass the test you are good to go and can start answering the questions and start making money online.

Home Tuitions

You can always start from low in-home tuition. Gather some of the kids nearby your houses and start teaching them for a low fee like Rs.500 per month and teach around 5-6 kids per day for 1-2 hours and you will make around Rs.2500 – 3000 per month without any hardships.

So, these were some of the legit methods to make money online, I hope you like these methods, and if yes, please do like and comment and share it with your friends.

Your suggestions are always welcome to make the TechieEngineer community stronger and smarter.

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