Now Detect A Fake PAN card Using your Smartphone Camera-

PAN card in India is your permanent account number that holds your tax information and it is required to conduct financial transactions of over 50,000 rupees. With the modern evolution, many agents or fraudsters are making fake PAN cards to bypass security. But you can now Detect A Fake PAN card Using your Smartphone Camera.

The technology up-gradation is going on and we now have a solution and the solution’s name QR Lines which is a tool to help determine if an object is real in many places. Many scams occur on the Internet including fake links and fake payment processors.

Likewise, fake banks are increasingly being used for offline financial or personal transactions.

What is the Solution to A Fake PAN card?

All the PAN cards issued by the Income Tax Department have a QR line on them. But, with this QR font, you can find out if your PAN is fake or real using your smartphone. All you need is a smartphone with a 12MP camera to know if the phone card is fake or original. That is why the Income Tax Department has developed a unique processor.

IHow you can spot counterfeit cards:

On your smartphone, go to the Play Store or the app store and search for “PAN QR Code Reader”. Multiple applications will be shown in the list as a search result. But you will need to download the app showing the developer name “NSDL e-Governance Infrastructure Limited”.

After downloading the PAN QR Code Reader wizard, open it.

It may take a bit for the app to open. Once the wizard is fully loaded, you will see a green graphic that looks like an addition to the viewfinder. This means that when taking a picture, the focus of the smartphone camera should be on the overdrawn, just like placing the camera in the direction of a specific area.

Position the camera towards the PAN card you want to test. Make sure that the hyperboloid graphic phone card QR line is in the middle.

Not only that but the QR font of the block card must be set so that it is clearly visible in the viewfinder. There should be no obstruction or flicker between them. The QR font must be accurately visible from the camera.

If your camera can clearly see the summer QR, you will hear a beep and your smartphone will vibrate. Next, your PAN card details will appear on a white background. Verify that the original PAN card details you scan match the PAN card details that appear on the camera screen. If your block card details are different, that means the card is fake.

You can download the app by scanning the below QR code:

Fake PAN card

If other PAN information is displayed on your mobile screen after scanning, you must immediately apply for a new PAN card or update the one you have.

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