Now You Can Buy iPhone XR at ₹18,599 LESS than Redmi Note 10 Pro -

Apple has dropped the price of its iPhone XR to ₹18,599 for the base variant due to its price cut. Read the full story to know how you can get it at this price.

Amazon will sell you the iPhone XR for ₹18,599 (Apple) if you buy it smartly

iPhone XR price cut: As we know the Apple iPhone XR is one of the oldest iPhone models which is on the list to vanish but not sooner and iPhone XR is still on sale and with occasional price cuts and discounts, it keeps going strong. The online eCommerce/ shopping platform Amazon is offering it at a discounted price that is much closer to the compact iPhone SE.

You can buy the base iPhone XR, for almost the price of the 128GB iPhone SE 2020. But you will be surprised to know that now you can buy it for lesser than the price of the Redmi Note 10 Pro Max.

Yes, if you buy it smartly, Amazon will sell you a brand new iPhone XR with 64GB storage for only ₹18,599, which is the same price as a base model Redmi Note 10 Pro Max. That in reality makes it a better deal compared to the much smaller and impractical iPhone SE 2020, which is just an iPhone 8 with the internals of the iPhone 11.

However, a lot of terms and conditions apply in order to buy it at that price.

iPhone XR cost drops to ₹18,599

The current price of the iPhone XR is ₹34,999 on Amazon for the base version. This price is across all the color variants, including the famous Product Red variant. The new units of the iPhone XR will not come with an adaptor and earphone, only the smartphone with a USB cable is provided.

Here is the trick:

You can avail of the exchange offer to get down the price additionally. You can get an exchange bonus of up to ₹14,900 if you give away your old device on Amazon. Also, if you make the transaction via Yes Bank or American Express Credit Card EMI, you can get an additional discount of ₹1500. This brings the price down to an effective of ₹18,599.

Apparently, the exchange offer depends on the choice and conditions of your older device. Moreover, Amazon isn’t offering the full cashback amount even on some fairly new iPhone models.

For example, the exchange price for an iPhone 12 Pro Max, which is vastly superior to the iPhone XR, is only ₹10,900. Android phones returned much less.

The best option here is to sell your old phone to someone in person or to a mobile shop and that way you can get a much higher value of your old phone and then you can buy the new iPhone XR.

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