How to start blogging and learn blogging basics

Are you a beginner getting started to know everything about blogging and how you can also start your own blog? We are here to share the ABCD of blogging so that you can learn blogging and can have a clear and crisp idea about starting your own blog. Let’s get started.

What is a blog?

What is a blog that everyone is talking about these days and saying that they are earning out of it? So a blog is a platform where people use to write about anything which they love and other people out there read their blogs, it may be their art of storytelling, might be the recipes they know and love to share with other persons.

Many become travel bloggers and share their travel journey experiences, some become fashion bloggers and share their knowledge of fashion like how to carry on yourself, etc.
Many people like to write about technologies they love and know and become educational bloggers, some use to write blogs about cars, etc. You can easily learn blogging with the simple methods and steps shown in this blog.

Do starting a blog will cost me much?

Well, the answer to this question is a big NO! The cost for starting your own blogs and being familiar with blog writing is absolutely zero bucks, yes you heard it right!!
The cost will start going up from zero, as you start to become more successful in blogging. There are always some premium services which you will need in the future to increase your growth in blogging.
But one can start doing blogging at the cost of nothing, but their hard work of learning how to start blogging.
All it takes to start is good willpower to not get deviated from your new passion of blogging. Remember one thing, whatever you start, you should not give up before completing it.

How to start making your first blog?

Now, you might be wondering how to start a blog, so let’s start making your first blog.
Few things to remember before making your first blog:

  1. Choosing a Niche – Your content is the key here to start the journey of blogging so take time to decide what you are good at, what you love doing, or what is that thing that you have good knowledge about, and plan your content around it.
  2. Be consistent if you want to grow – Growth will come when people would read your blog and the content that you put in your blogs, and your readers will come back to you only if they find that you do give them good things to read consistently. Select a frequency to post like once a week or maybe twice. But be regular.
  3. Eagerness to learn – The most important thing to grow with blogging is the eagerness to learn, yes, you should have that willingness where you thrive for learning and deliver the content after proper information. Because no one likes false information.

So, now you are ready to make your move, so below is the free and simple platform to begin your blog writing passion.
Blogger is a free blog writing tool provided by Google. Here you can write your blogs and your blogs will reach many bloggers in the community. On blogger, you don’t need to be familiar with anything because the platform is so simple and self-explanatory that you would start your blog so easily.

  1. Go to the website and you will get a page like this one. Start by clicking “Create your Blog”
  2. Then it will ask you to sign up with your Gmail account, enter your details and sign up.
  3. Then you will need to enter the name of your blog which you are gonna create, like “Growth Blogging” or “My travel stories” or “Cook with Annie”, you can choose any name that you like.

4. Once you have chosen the name, now comes the URL selection, this will be the address to your blog by which the readers can see your blog. And one thing to remember as this will be your free blog so the URL will be like the domain will be added to your blog’s URL to get the domain free. But you can always buy a premium domain and attach it to your blog to remove from your domain.

5. Once you are done with the above steps, now you will be asked to set a display name. A display name is a name that will be shown on your blog, so it’s nothing but your blog name.

6. Hit the “Finish” button once you have selected your display name. Now your blog is created and your blog website control will be given to you, and it will look like this

7. If your website looks like this, your blog has been created now you have to write your first ever free blog post. Hit the “New post” button on the top left, below your blog name. Enter the Title of your blog what you are sharing like, “My First Blog” And start writing whatever you like in the white paper area below the title. You can use the features of modifying the text and all.

And once you write everything about your first post we will head to publish it so that we can make the blog post live to other readers.

Hit the “Publish” button to make your post live.
And the post that you just wrote can be seen on the homepage of your website control like this one

Now we will see how our blog is gonna look to other readers when they will read our first blog, so to go to your blog either you can directly enter the URL in the address bar of your browser or you can open it by hovering your mouse to the post and click the eye button to view it.Here is what our just made blog looks like –

Readers can click on the post and read it, congratulations!! you just made your free blog…You can also change the design of your blog by going to the “theme” section in your website control, and you can select your theme from the multiple available free themes.

So, this is the easiest way to start your blogging journey and get some readers to read your blogs so that you can make some money by writing blogs.You can share it with your friends and family to showcase your writing skills.

Why you should write blogs?

Now the reason to write blogs is that if you love doing something get it somewhere where you can always have it with you, and the most helpful thing is to write that.

  • It will also help you in some other ways like it will make your writing skills more vast,
  • You will able to grow your network of people,
  • Other people will recognize you by your writing skills,
  • It will help you do something different,
  • It will create a good hobby in you that you can share anywhere to stand out unique.
  • For many, it is a stress buster as it helps your thought to come out in from of the world.

When should you start making blogs?

There is no perfect time to start anything in this world, the best time is “today!” not the day after, not any future day. If you want to start something just do it now because that is the only perfect time for it.
“No one can succeed in life if they wait for the right time to come, because the right time always waits for the person to start doing the thing they wanted to. So if you will wait for the time, it is also gonna wait for you to start and this cycle won’t let the new thing start.”

Who should start blogging?

Blogging is not for everyone, it is for the personalities –

  • who always wants to something different than the crowd,
  • who have the feeling to become a leader to take people with them and help others by their words,
  • who wants to share their stories, their thoughts, their unique ideas,
  • who puts efforts to transform their lives and not like to be an ordinary person.
  • who always have the hunger to learn.

ABCD of blogging is –

The ABCD of blogging tells us that blogging is for the kind of people who are :
A – Adventurous to take challenges
B – Brave enough to achieve
C – Curious to learn
D – Daring to start


If you love something and want to explore yourself, your hidden talents, you shouldn’t wait for it. Just do it and start making a journey because after a few years when you will look back, you will only thank your old self to start the journey at that time because you will surely achieve it if you show effort in changing your life.

If you like the shared information do like our blog and let us know in the comments if you have any doubts or suggestions.
We will soon bring another informative blog for you, till then keep reading TechieEngineer.

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