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The messaging company Whatsapp owned by Facebook also known as Meta has rolled out two new features for its users in India. These two features are ‘Message Level Reposting/ blocking’ and ‘Flash Calls’. While improving the security for its users, these features have been introduced to enhance the existing security level of the application for the users of WhatsApp.

WhatsApp messenger has released two new features for its users in India

The Update:

Instant messenger platform WhatsApp has rolled out two new safety features ‘Flash Calls’ and ‘Message Level Reporting’ for users in India.

The Flash Calls and Message Level Reporting features will empower users to have enhanced security and control over their usage of the messaging app.

With the new amazing function or feature, Flash Calls new Android users or the ones who change their smartphone very frequently, when they newly install the application can choose to verify their phone numbers via an automated call instead of the existing verification by an SMS feature.

According to WhatsApp, this is a much safer option, given that it takes place all from within the app.

The second amazing feature Message Level Reporting feature allows users to report a particular message received on WhatsApp. This can be done by simply long pressing a particular message and then choosing to report the message or blocking the user.

Additional feature:

Along with these two features, the messaging platform WhatsApp has also introduced the ability to let users hide their profile picture, last seen, and more from certain people, the ability to block someone who might prove disturbing, and two-step verification (2FA).

Meantime, WhatsApp has released the update for its Android users on the beta channel, which explains the company is working on message reaction notifications for its Android app.

WhatsApp has been working on developing the message reactions feature for a few months now, which, as obvious from its name, lets users react to messages the same way they react to the posts and comments on the Facebook app.

Earlier, WhatsApp had no plans to inform users of message reactions, but the company later began developing it for the beta version of its iOS app and now it is also working on providing the same feature to its Android users.

Recently, WhatsApp also introduced a new feature for its Android device users who can use the app on 4 devices together, and that too even without the Internet.

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