You Can Now Make Custom Stickers On WhatsApp-

The instant messaging platform WhatsApp will now let you send custom stickers with its new Custom Sticker Maker feature, it is currently rolled out for WhatsApp Web users and for the users with the Desktop app it is scheduled to release by the coming week.

The sticker maker lets you crop out a background, and add extra flourishes like emojis.

The social media messaging platform WhatsApp is an always-evolving social media app that prefers to have its user base excited with some quirky features. While stickers packs are one of the popularly used features on the platform, till now users usually have had to rely on third-party apps to send their favorite stickers to their loved ones.
But this will soon be changing, as WhatsApp will now allow its WhatsApp Web users the ability to create their own custom stickers within the app starting today.

The Meta-owned instant messenger app has announced the arrival of the sticker maker tool for PC and Mac users for now. However, there is no clarity on when it will be available for Android or iOS users.

To use this feature, make sure you are on the latest version of WhatsApp Web. Once on the latest version, go to any chat to whom you need to send a custom sticker. Tap on the attach icon in the chat bar (the paperclip icon) and then tap on the sticker option. The sticker maker option is available for both group chats and individual chats on WhatsApp Web.

Prominently, this new feature enables slicing out images accurately, crop or rotating, and even undo or redo changes. WhatsApp notes that to try the new tool, users will have to update WhatsApp Web to its latest version.

How to create custom stickers on WhatsApp
  • Open the WhatsApp Web, then tap on the chat you want to send the custom sticker.
  • Then click on the paperclip icon beside the chat bar where you will find the new custom sticker tool
  • Tap the Sticker option, and then upload the photo that you wish to send from the images saved on the computer
  • Once picked, you can edit and customise the photo. WhatsApp currently offers a few tools- snipping, adding emojis, stickers from the sticker panel, and text as well
  • You can even draw on the image and undo/redo changes that you may have made to the photo
  • Once you are done with making the necessary edits, you can then send the custom-created sticker to your friend by tapping on the Select option.

As mentioned before, WhatsApp has currently released the new custom sticker maker tool for PC and Mac users. Mobile users currently can not use this new tool but in the future, we might have the same as WhatsApp will understand how the feature is going with users.

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