Your iPhone Can Now Open Your Hotel Room -

To unlock your hotel room door, without Face ID or Touch ID You can now use an iOS 15 feature on your iPhone.

Your iPhone can be a digital key for your Hotel room

Apple is working to change the world digitally and to our surprise, Apple is working to change your iPhone to a digital key to unlock all sorts of doors. Their exciting feature of car keys feature already lets you use your iPhone to unlock some supported cars, and if you have a HomeKit door lock, you can use your iPhone and Apple Watch to unlock your home as well.

And now, Apple is beginning to globally roll out its support for hotel room keys.

In the initial phase, It’s starting with a collaboration with Hyatt Hotels in six locations (Andaz Maui at Wailea Resort, Hyatt Centric Key West Resort & Spa, Hyatt House Chicago/West Loop-Fulton Market, Hyatt House Dallas/Richardson, Hyatt Place Fremont/Silicon Valley, and Hyatt Regency Long Beach), but it will soon add more hotels across the globe (according to TechCrunch, Apple won’t provide any details for hotels that will be coming on board).

The purpose of making your iPhone a digital key is to provide us with ease and we won’t need to carry around the physical keys. This will also help us not to forget our keys as who loves to forget their iPhones. Moreover, you won’t need to wait in the hotel lobby to check in to your rooms.

How to set up hotel keys in your iPhone’s Wallet app

In order to use this feature, you will currently need to use the World of Hyatt mobile app. Once you book your hotel tickets, you’ll get an option to add the booking to the Apple Wallet app, as you normally do with your movie tickets.

iPhone Apple wallet

You can then add keys to the Wallet immediately after booking, but they won’t be activated until your check-in time. Once the booking is added, you should see all your booking details in the app (like the property name, check-in date, check-out date, and more). If you need to find out more details about the booking (like the reservation number), you can click on the three-dotted Menu button in the top-right corner and you will be able to get the details.

Once the check-in time arrives and the room is ready, you’ll receive a notification and can check in right on your iPhone. After that, the room key will be enabled, and you can head straight to your room. All you need to do is to put your iPhone near the sensor of the doorknob, as the digital keys feature uses NFC to unlock the door and it will be unlocked.

You might not know but this Hyatt venture isn’t the first time you can unlock a hotel room with your iPhone, other hotels let you use their app as a digital key, or even add the key to your wallet.

The difference now is this feature will use Express Transit, the same feature that lets you tap your iPhone to enter public transit. So you will have no need to use Face ID or Touch ID to authenticate every time you want to enter your hotel room.

Is This Feature Safe?

While that’s apparently an ease in people’s lifestyle, it does carry some questions about security. The biggest question is: What if my iPhone is stolen?

As this feature is just rolled out, we don’t know enough, but we’ll find out more as people start using it. We wish Apple has taken care of these privacy concerns. And we will get to know more about this feature as its usage is increased.

Also, as you used to share the physical key with friends and family, here you won’t be able to do so as It’s locked to a single iPhone, and a single Hyatt account holder (one that’s currently logged in). Once you check out, the key card will be archived automatically from the Wallet app.

This Digital Keys feature is currently available on iPhones running iOS 15 and Apple Watches running watchOS 8 and higher.

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