Your One Minute Looks Like This On The Internet-

Ever imagined, how a minute on the Internet looks like? In our daily lives, we barely know our one minute and we even do not care for what is happening in that minute, because it is that small for us to ignore easily. But is that the same with the global giant Internet? I guess you might not know what happens around the globe during that minute in the Online world.

But, wait, what if we help you to know how one minute looks like on the Internet. Each year, Domo creates an info-graph to shed light on how much content and data is generated across the internet and on which platforms. Did this create an eagerness to know more about what happens in that minute?

If the answer to the above question is Yes! then let us draw the curtains and share the exciting information with you.

Each Minute 575,000 tweets are generated.

And in the same minute, around 167 Million clips are watched around the globe

Isn’t it interesting? Stay calm, more interesting facts are down below:

Here are just some of the key figures of what happens in a minute:

Amazon customers spend $283,000

12 million people send an iMessage

6 million people shop online

Instacart users spend $67,000

Slack users send 148,000 messages

Microsoft Teams connects 100,000 users

YouTube users stream 694,000 videos

Facebook Live receives 44 million views

Instagram users share 65,000 photos

On Netflix, 452,000 hours worth of content is streamed each minute

The Internet Keeps on growing everyday

The global online world, The internet, has grown considerably since the ’90s. What began as small research is now accountable for connecting entire communities and countries online. According to WEF(World Economic Forum) estimates, internet users in 2021 grew by a whopping 11 percent, from 4.5 billion in 2020.

This implies that every minute, 950 new users were logging on to the internet. Currently, the internet is used by about 5 billion users. 


This is not the end yet! Our most interesting facts of the One minute of the Internet are yet to come

Here’s where another next billion internet users may come from, based on the largest disconnected populations.

RankCountry / TerritoryUnconnected People% of Population
8Democratic Republic of Congo71,823,31981%

With this growth trajectory in mind, we can expect future figures to become even more surprising. But the human mind is known to be dangerous at interpreting large numbers, so in future editions, the internet minute figures may need to be stripped down to the internet second.

To your curiosity, we have gathered data and factual info graph which represents the giant one minute on the Giant Internet

Domo Infographics that represents One minute of the Internet

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