Zerodha CTO On Using Artificial Intelligence On The Brokerage Platforms-

Kailash Nadh, CTO, Zerodha said no brokerages in India actually use any sort of AI or ML on their platform, including Zerodha.

Artificial Inteligence

Working with Artificial Intelligence makes the job easy for everyone but does AI really add value to every business? The overall Marketing campaigns have extensively made us think so.

Nevertheless, not everyone accepts that AI can add value in every perspective of the business. One such person is Kailash Nadh, the CTO of India’s largest brokerage Zerodha.

Responding to a comment on LinkedIn on Thursday, Nadh made a harsh remark against the use of Artificial Intelligence as just a marketing gimmick. “Like Nithin (Nithin Kamath, Founder & CEO at Zerodha) said, apart from a commodity image recognition tool for processing images during onboarding, we use no other Al or ML systems. We have not come across any problems yet where we have felt the need to turn to ML solutions,” Nadh said in a LinkedIn post.

“Pretty much every single instance of “Al-first mindset” that I have seen in the industry have been strong cases of misguided assumptions, outright delusions, and often, intellectual dishonesty. “Al-first mindset” tends to fall into the solution looking for a problem category so much that personally, I am highly doubtful of anything labeled “powered by Al,” said Nadh.

The harsh remarks add fuel to the debate around AI use in industry. Nadh tries to address a very pertinent question: Has AI become the manifestation of inflated expectations? Many experts are describing it as over-valuated. And it is true: the number of companies who mention “Powered by AI”

Their product descriptions have skyrocketed. This is a sensation across industries: companies ranging from Starbucks to Mastercard are talking about the benefits of AI. But how much of that is genuine and more importantly even if it is being used how much of that is really needed.

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